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Millenium – Kaos Theory EP


It’s 1999 and everybody is talking about (the) Millenium. It’s not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new rap generation. Not the first generation who grew up listening to funk and disco in the early 70’s, but the youngsters whose first taste of hip hop was the Wu-Tang Clan. „I didn’t listen to much rap until I heard ‘C.R.E.A.M.’“ says the 18 year-old Millenium. „The joint was so beautiful, I imediately started writing.“ Born in Baltimore and raised in DC, Millenium has had the area watching for him like the other phenomenon of the same name. When Millenium started writing rhymes, he went out and got battle tested. He won his high school’s prestigious Blue & Gold talent show for 2 constructive years. On a local radio station, he dominated their weekend freestyle battle four months straight. His record is still unblamished – no one beats Millenium, he just stopped calling. „It was getting boring for me and the station.“ He then called in to WPGC, one of the top radio stations in the country, and won the rhyme battle for that night. „I did not call again,“ says Millenium. „People claiming to be me started on the air after that. It was so foul, that I no longer go by that name.“ That was one of the reasons he wrote the single, „How far will you go“ from the House of Abdul debut album KAOS THEORY. „It’s a story about actions and consequences. We often question ourselves in the quest of money– how far will you go?“ KAOS THEORY is a collection of vivid tales about the chaotic nature of life. More stories about actions and consequences around with joints like „Run, Run, Run“, „Too Hot“ and „All Up In The Game“ featuring Jady Experience. Hip Hop braggadocio is the theme on „Street Wars“ and „Gunpoint“ with Rah Dee and Raul. It’s his grasp on relationships with „Fantasia“ a tale about love, lust and betrayal, that demonstrates his superior penmanship. „I just want to write some nice songs for the people to listen to and get something from“ says Millenium. KAOS THEORY will reach the people and make sure that the young man’s words remain powerful for the next 1000 years. Millenium is approaching!

That’s the official album review for Mil’s album KAOS THEORY from back then in 1998.

Today, 16 years later – after we survived one Millenium, some of you might still lookout for the other. Crooked Cat Records proudly presents „Millenium – Kaos Theory EP“. The EP consists of 3 non-vinyl released tracks of his 98′ album KAOS THEORY on House of Abdul Recordings, plus 4 previously unreleased tracks from his never released album MOST THOROUGH from 2000. All tracks produced by Anomoly, De Compose, Boog, Jay Ball & Ron Reak. The EP is limited to 350 copies on black vinyl! As Bad Beppo the predator went out for this hunt with the intention to satisfy his fam and not leave anyone hungry, he also brought some Extra Goddies. We will have 5 sealed copies of Mils Kaos Theory album on Cassette , 5 sealed copies of Mils Kaos Theory album on CD plus 5 Copies of his „How Far Will You Go“ 12“ single as a free give away special for this release. Those who allready dug Mils stuff should know that it is not easy to find those copies. We will randomly put em to the orders. So be sure to catch this Cat!

Much Resepect to House of Abdul and Millenium.


Side A:

1) Kaos Theory
2) All Up In The Game feat. Jady Experience
3) Everclear

Side B:

1) Honorable Mention Pt.2
2) E.V.O.L.
3) Too Hot Pt.2
4) Hustlers Etiquette

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