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Georgy Whistler – The Slow Movement LP

Living in a world of constant acceleration the importance of the moment fades into obscurity. With this record Georgy Whistler provides a 40 minutes break of pure listening pleasure. Step back, slow down, take your time, escape the city and enter the slow movement. Let the record spin, pitch it to your rhythm of life and enjoy the moment, just for the heck of it!


1) Slow Down
2) Levitation
3) Oddities
4) Whistle
5) Move
6) One
7) Visualize
8) Express
9) Mint Condition
10) Elevate
11) Nothin’ To Loose
12) The Outroducer


With his debut album beatmaker Georgy Whistler issues a statement to the fast world we all live in. Georgy is a 27 years old producer from Freiburg / Germany. He made himself a name in the underground with his unique remixes and beattapes. He grew up listening to 90s indie rap and always looked up to producers like Nick Wiz, Mark Sparks, Lord Finesse, 45 King ect.

His production is mainly based on samples, but on the hunt for new sample material he also fell in deep love with Funk/Soul/Jazz music. With this passion he started playing instruments himself like guitar, piano, bass and also plays guitar in different Funk bands. He uses these skills to create a well rounded production and add some missing pieces to his beats. Georgy always uses his music just to increase his quality of living and it was always free from any strains. That makes his sound authentic and unique and let the people feel what he means with it. His album comes with 13 dope beats from deep to mellow, from jazzy to funky, from old to new. It has a printed full cover, printed inner sleeve and it’s limited to 350 copies (12“ vinyl).

To this jewel we offer a very limited (100 copies) beattape. „Georgy Whistler – Miau (Tape)“ comes with around 30 additional Georgy Beats which don’t appear on the album.

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We wanna give some special shout outs to: Nathan Egel, Locke, Tiffany L. Jackson, Bernd Schimmler, Patrock, Adlib Swazey, Score34, Kurt, Sindbad Mohagony, Kefian


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