Crooked Cat Records presents

Georgy Whistler – Miau (Tape)

Behind the whole Slow Movement project are too many hidden stories to tell them all. But here is one that we would like to share with you. „Georgy Whistler – Miau“ is a very limited unique beattape by Georgy Whistler. About 30 beats that haven’t been heard yet. The tape is dedicated to one of the illest Cats that I’ve ever met. Eddie! She past away on 23.11.2015. Actually most of the time she was sitting on Georgy’s lap while he was producing the songs on the tape. We are thankful that she shared her lifetime with us. Peace Eddie R.I.P. The tape is limited to 100 copies and mixed by Sindbad Mohagony. On the cover we have Mindy, the mother of our Testpress-Quality-Check-Cat Günni. Represent!


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