Crooked Cat Records presents

T-Max – Time To Explode EP


Legendary Boston MC T-MAX is well known for his two classic 96′ 12″es “Relax your Mind” and “Execution Style”. Years later he had a couple of more dope tracks on diferent compilations. He always comes with quality… but nobody knew that the best of all he still had in stock. T-MAX recorded two complete albums back then. First one called “Alley Walker” was recorded around 93 and the other “Bless All Get Money” in 96. All tracks produced by Dow Brain, Brad Young and Danny Wood for Underground Productions. Those who are familiar with “Polecat” or Street Poets” should know who they are and what it sounds like.

Time to Explode EP is the first cutout of these unreleased recordings.


Side A:

1) Old Days
2) Pass It On
3) Time T Explode feat. Jay Stone

Side B:

1) The Rhyme
2) Cashflow
3) Let Loose (Remix)


For more informations about T-MAX check out this unsigned hype article from The Source:

(#69 June '95) T-Max